Thursday, August 23, 2012

Using real spiders


Alex is still working on the base for his Olfo and we thought a little spider is missing to complete the scene. As it turned out nature is still the best modeler...

Maybe you have seen several tutorials creating spider webs e.g. the great tutorial from using crackle medium. Alex took a more pragmatic way and just used real spider webs and attached them to his base. Real spider webs are ultra-thin and ultra-durable and most people have them as a near endless resource ;-). On this base we wanted to go a step further. The idea of a little spider hanging over Olfos head was born and we thought about using one of the little spiders produced by GW. Unfortunatly those spiders are too big and look like a plastic toy. Therefore we decided to use a small REAL spider:

Alex primed the spider with Dark Sea Blue from Vallejo which is one of our favorite colors today (regards to Ben Komets!) which turned out to be really fiddly.

We created some glue strings to attach the spider to the base using UHU Flinke Flasche (german brand) as those strings look a little bit more fresh than old spider webs.

Alex attached the spider to the base directly over Olfos head.

And here we have the final result of the arachno-tutorial.

If you want to see more of Alex fantastic miniatures then go to his album and ultimately give him some ratings of 10 :-).



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Krawatte August 23, 2012 at 12:45 PM  

Was watchin him doin it. Great stuff! But the last night I woke up and saw a tarantula crawling over my bed (which of cause I only saw because I was half sleepin)and I had kind of a panic attack. Well there was no spider at all, but I think this must be the bad karma due to I didn't rescue the spider Alex used, although it was already dead when he found it. Karma is sometimes strange, and I think that's why I don't believe in such stuff.
Well ehm great stuff the tutorial!

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